Media Diversified

by Nazli Tarzi 

images|cms-image-000024254 Visitors to Baghdad’s Al-Rashid Theatre are currently still welcomed by rows of empty seats covered in dust. (photo credits: Nazli Tarzi) (2016)

This article first appeared in Niqash and has been republished here with their permission.

In Baghdad’s Salihiya neighbourhood, a group of volunteers are staging a different kind of protest. They have cleaned up a deserted theatre and started performances there again.

Rows of empty seats coated in dust are the first thing one sees upon entering Baghdad’s Al Rashid theatre – it is a relic that has survived in a country whose cultural heritage has been eroded by consecutive wars. For over a decade, the theatre has been shuttered, after falling victim to coalition airstrikes in 2003.

But it has not crumbled away. Today, the theatre, situated in central Baghdad, is no longer vacant. A band of local volunteers – film enthusiasts and artists…

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